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Co-Creating Pathways to Well-being

Well-being 2016 explores the multi-dimensions of well-being focussing on the achievements of well-being through collaboration – to co-create experiences which are positive and meaningful to the individual.

In Well-being 2016, we seek answers to a range of questions about negotiating and navigating the experiences that underpin the achievement of well-being – How positive encounters are or might be embedded in our contact with the environments where we live, learn, play or work;  how individuals are supported in ways that enables them to take control of their personal  well-being; what constitutes a pathway encounter; how are the impacts expressed or captured, the techniques involved, the use of electronic media, verbalisation and narratives or through artistic endeavour, design, making and the crafts, the unique role of the practitioner and the growing relevance of a medical humanities approach?

We are interested in how well-being is enacted in everyday events; in unstaged encounters, exercised, devised and practised with key facilitators.

We aim to provide a platform for dialogue between academics and practitioners, knowledge exchange and methodological exploration through a combination of keynote speakers, breakout sessions and workshops.